And once again the river runs to the sea~

Oftentimes, I will realize half way through the cycle of Mercury retrograde that this planet of communication has once again gone swimming countercurrent. And go Aha!!!

This time around, as my ability to focus and concentrate was waning, my computer moving slowly and not connecting to wifi, my meetings being pushed back or cancelled, I had to take a deep breath and let go of expectations and simply allow myself to follow the current. And the current certainly felt counter…

Gently, slowly and deliberately ritualizing life becomes the endless poetry of weaving back and forth on this sometimes turbulent current, and tests again and again my ability to stay focused and directed as well as my ability to let go and be taken by the river.

I come back to the simple and rhythmic art of breathing while the emotional winds have their way. No matter how much I learn, teach and practice this simplest of arts, it never ceases to amaze me when i forget to agknowledge my inhale and exhale, how the emotional winds can carry me deep into my unknown, where if i am not careful I can become lost for lengths of time. My doubts surface and vi for my attention, my past failures can creep in and rear their ugly heads, not to mention my romance with procrastination…this menage a trois can have lingering effects and leave me heaving on my bed paralyzed by existential panic. I must then truly dive within my well of knowledge and consciously untangle the frigid hands of my shadowlands of past and painful, from my heart and mind to return to the light of the moment.

Mercury going retrograde is therefore always a celebration. It is an opportunity to aknowledge the starry realms, yes, but also to ritualize the theater of life. A dot on the i, a period at the end of a sentence, a sigh, an exhale. It is a passing moment that in its subtlety can reap invisible rewards.

As much as i remain in humble awe at the effects of moon, sun and stars, I also recognize my part in the play and my power to give light to or dark to any subject. Mercury retrograde remains one of the planets that truly does seem to orchestrate trivial but sometimes very delibitating moments and so to you, oh Mercury I say Hallelujah! as you now move forward through your starry expanse with me in tow.



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