The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Awakening in the countryside for the third morning in a row is reminding me of how deeply nourishing nature is to the mind, body and spirit. My eyes fluttered open gently and the first sound to greet me was that of the birds and insects. Sigh.

This past moon cycle of July has been a difficult one for me, where i feel i am being asked by my Higher Self to make important decisions and take on more responsability when it comes to my role in the world. It is daunting and yet I know it is time to step more fully into my life, my passion and my desire to be in service to the world.

All this and stay true to my dreams!  There is another quote that I enjoyed reading by Eleanor Roosevelt this morning that i find complements the one above while touching down on my experiences.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.
Eleanor Roosevelt

This speaks to my fears around being judged and rejected. Oh yes.. i am sure I am the only one with these fears..hahah, and yet how strong and courageous one needs to be in order to truly grow beyond these limitations. To my inner heart I feel i have always been true. Even when it did not seem to make sense, to myself or to others. Something in me rang true and so I listened and followed. This has been a great mover for me in my life. And yet I find myself now wanting to be even more connected to the world, while maintaining my heart’s truth. Daunting indeed.

This morning i received what i imagine to be a direct sign from Source. Yet another answer, or message from the Great One that is always guiding and loving invisibly. Guiding with such subtlety that if one does not effort to listen, it is easily missed. Over the years it has become ever more clearer that this language of love is forever following me, and when i am able to hear it I am blessed with grace…even if only for mere instants. They are so short and yet often seem to stretch along time as if time were but a flimsy chimera compared to the truth of what we are.

Today this gracious message came in the shape of a butterfly. As i was perusing the quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt, I passed over the one that marks this entry…The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. I immediately connected to this quote, it fluttered in my heart. Yet i continued down the page looking to see if something would call out to me more strongly. As i went through I knew in my minds eye, the first one was the one. As i returned to the top of the page and reread the quote mentioned, a beautiful orange butterfly came fluttering into the room. I am sitting in the living room of the country house that overlooks a large hilly yard. The doors are open, a crack. This butterfly startled me, jumping about sporadically, coming so close to my face and then up and down towards the door and back in, again and again. A few minutes passed as she whirled and twirled, in what seemed to be an excited dance filled with meaning….for me.

Then she just as quickly flew out the door. I looked down and saw the quote which i then reread slowly. Just as i pondered the last word…dreams…she came fluttering back into the house through the other door at the other side of the living room and came straight towards me…twirling, whirling and fluttering just above my head. I put my finger out to her, not knowing if she would land, but feeling compelled to extend an invitation as my heart fluttered along with her wings….with the word dreams hovering between us as the invisible language of LOVE… the silent guiding force of the Universe as I see it, feel and Dream it.

Just an instant of a life, a few moments of a morning and all is splashed with color and joy.

Could it really be true….merrily merrily merrily…Life is but a Dream


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