Looking through the eyes of a child~

The heat moves through the city like a snake through the desert. There is a sense that time is slowing down even here. Those of us left within the city walls after most are off on summer vacations with their families,  get to somewhat pretend we too are in a foreign land or faraway enclave. At least that is what I amImage

 attempting to experience today by living behind the lens of a new photo app and deciding to look at the world around me with new eyes. I find when i allow the heat and the sun to come on in, i can enjoy long existential moments outside of time.  Here i travel far distances in instants, live out entire lives complete with husband and children, old age and dying. I can even retrace the steps of anothers life in another era and truly feel what it was like. Enchanting.

It does feel like a mini vacation and my child like heart relishes in the novelty of not knowing where i am going or what i am doing, but rather how i am doing it and how much enjoyment I am receiving from it. Period.


Whether the photographs will seem as fabulous later as they do now is irrelevent. What matters is the timelessness i am priviledged to taste and the memories it will leave that will not be forgotten. They will be there to draw upon for more inspiration when the need arises.

Time slithers in and out of the streets, the suns rays dropping golden sparkles like the crumbs left on a path. I will not find what i seek because i am what i seek. The afternoon and its corresponding glee leaves me noticing more children, more laughter on people’s faces, more shine in the eyes i meet. I again am tickled by the playfulness of the Universe and the adorable play of perception and consciousness that truly is present when we pay attention.

I relish in these simple rituals of presence. Taking a moment to remember how a child sees. How a child plays,  with a curious heart full of awe and open to discoveries. So simple. So sweet. So wonderfully inspiring.

Rubbing my eyes, i walk through the light with my rose colored glasses on. Smile and the world smiles with you.

Seems ever so true.



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