Hypersensitivity~ the body’s call to quiet?

This summer has been like the last 5 years of my life…fast, intricate, mesmerizing, confounding, expansive and full of insight. I have slowly learned to follow the flow of life in the fast river of modernization in which we find ourselves. My interests, passions and opportunites have allowed me the priviledge and the panic of living the last 5 years on 3 continents, 6 countries and 7 cities.

Having worked and studied in yoga, meditation and movement via dance and ceremony for the last 15 years, feeling a lot in my body is my MO and i have to work hard to take rest amidst the chaos in order to keep the rhythm that nourishes and allows me to move with vitality and joy. I am passionate about the waking of the world around me and myself within it. I falter a lot. I pick myself up. I find solace in sharing with other people and cultures, understanding and caring for their experiences, often as if they were my own. And in some sense they are. I am learning from them. I am feeling them. I am sharing them.

After growing up in a small city and spending years living close to the land and in small close nit communities, my spiritual and worldly work brought me into the larger cities and it has been a growth experience where I have loved and enjoyed the intensity as well as learned to, not always successfully, resource myself from within my practices. Yoga and stretching, breathing and centering, dancing and celebrating. Loving. Yes the art of loving is intrinsic in my opinion to integrating the changes ahead.

In recent months, i can almost certainly pinpoint the moment, in Paris early summer 2013 where i lost step with the flow. As an avid reader and receiver of channeled material and an astrological enthusiast I was moved by the amount of information regarding the transformational shifts on our planet and their degree of influence on many peoples. And it certainly coincided with my experience of feeling, quite often, overwhelmed, even by small things that would normally not even register on my radar.

Shifts ranging from Ecological, to economic, from relational issues to a sense of waning purpose. The world is in shift! It is no longer an idea touted by the rebellious or counter cultural masses. It is tangible. It is visible. Our world is changing and we are having to keep up. Are we?

The article below talks about hypersensitivity. I was pondering this question today, from my view over the icelandic lava, where i am visiting my parents, and how it might be a malaise for which we have no background or understanding. We are, as a species, generally quite able to adapt and quickly. But at what cost? And is hypersensitivity a result of the drop that broke the bucket?

Are we integrating our world, our technology,  our digital makeover?Or are we really good at pretending?  Are we taking time for a digital diet of sorts? Not getting online, on data or plugged in for a day, a few hours even? And if not what could be the result of a society and a world that has officially plugged in globally, as the furthest reaches of our world are now getting online, without respite?

As i ponder this today, and finish this entry, I am getting ready to step out onto the lava field and breathe in some Icelandic air. I have faith in us. In the global and local communities. In humanity. But i also feel it is time to take a look at sensitivity and our reality as biological life forms in a digital world.



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